How to Fake a Cold

By | August 11, 2013

How to Fake a Cold is as easy as faking all the other sicknesses we have. Most of the people have a common cold at least once a year. It is the most common disease humans have. Children actually have the cold most often (between six and twelve times a year). A really similar disease to a cold is the flu. You might like that one more so be sure to check it out.

How to Fake a Cold

How to Fake a Cold

How to Fake a Cold

Faking a cold is quite easy, every time when someone has caught the cold they always complain the day before that they think they will be sick. So if possible the day before you get “sick” complain that you feel weird. As if you are getting a fever. Act as if you are feeling a bit light headed and make sure to go to sleep early. The next day you wake up you will be “sick”. Do no overdo it, if you just have the common cold you are not actually very sick. Although having the cold is not very pleasant it is not a terrible sickness. Follow the tips and symptoms to get further into faking that you have caught the cold. While all colds are different and so are the people make sure you are sick from 3 to 10 days. Less than 3 is weird but nobody of course really knows what kind of cold you had.

Fake Cold symptoms

Those are the symptoms a fake cold might have, it does not mean you have to have all of them. It is best to fake all of them but you might want to go easy on some of them. If for instance you are very good at coughing you could show that way more than the other symptoms. You could also just go on a party and scream so loud that you won’t have a voice left the following day. That would resemble the sore throat very well.

Always fake a runny nose, the only thing you have to do to fake a runny nose is to inhale quickly through you nose as if there is water coming out or something (boogers).

How to Fake a Cold tips, dos and don’t s

  • Like always, don’t overdo it
  • If possible complain the day before you get sick that you are not feeling well
  • Don’t sneeze, cough and do stuff like that too often. Especially sneezing.
  • Fake a runny nose, because it is very easy.

35 thoughts on “How to Fake a Cold

      1. Emma Fousek

        It worked:) Thanks so much
        I love school but I stayed up late
        and did not have to much time to
        Sleep so ya Thanks

  1. Elle

    I thought this site was great, I manged to get 2 days off school Even though my mums a nurse!

  2. icantfindthespacebar

    This website was no help. I would try yahoo answers and ask them that question. I got better results there than i did with this website. No help what soever!! Good Luck!!

  3. icantfindthespacebar

    This website was no help. I would try yahoo answers and ask them that question. I got better results there than i did with this website. No help what soever!! Good Luck!! Also try wet socks, that helped for me!!

  4. Leila Medley

    Oh Meh Gosh thx for everything!!! I’m gonna try the cold one because I actually have a little cold and that would help my acting. I chose the cold because if I was coughing hard my mum would get worried that I would spread the cold to other children in the school.
    So, once again, thank you for your advice!

  5. Invader Zim

    AHHH THE GERMS FROM HUMAN ILLNESSES IS TOO MUCH FOR ME! I mean…. I’m a Stupid Human and I LOVE being sick Doo Dee Doo :p

  6. Savannah

    You people are b******. This website lies- faking a runny nose is not easy. What are you supposed to do, pour water up there, hold it in and then spew it all over your parents?! God, no. I’m done with this website.

    1. Sloane Peterson

      They just meant that it was easy to sniffle enough to seem like you have a runny nose. Relax!

  7. Mellisa

    I haven’t tried anything yet but I’m totally going to try it tomorrow. Everything seems logical so I think it will work. Can you tell me how to FAKE throwing up? Thanks fakesick!

  8. Morgan

    I dont know if anyone of you have ever faced this but what if just by coincidence youand your sibling happen to be planning to fake an illness on the same day. Now what??

  9. Kaiwolhram

    This website was great as it fooled both my parents.(one is a GP and one is a surgeon)

  10. Shakaykay

    i tried last night but only my mom noticed that i “wasnt feeling well” but she didnt say anything gonna try again later

  11. Yo mom

    Worked for me. Although I have a bit of a cold it’s in it’s late stages and my mom and dad are both in the medical field and those suckers bought it. My mom who’s a pharmacist thinks I have a bacterial infection. Hahahaha


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