How to Fake a Fever

By | February 12, 2013

How to Fake a Fever is easy, to fake a fever we will need to know how to cause the symptoms. Most important thing to remember while faking a fever is not to overdo it. Fake a fever higher than 104 F/39.5 C will get you busted. If you want to fake a really high fever then you must be sure you will not be taken to the doctor.

How to Fake a Fever

How to Fake a Fever

How to Fake a Fever fast the easy way:

To start off you will need a thermometer, it makes no difference if it a digital thermometer or one with quicksilver. Before telling anyone that you have a fever go make yourself a cup of tea. You will need the tea to create a fake fever temperature. Simply hold the thermometer against the cup of tea (don’t put it inside the cup, no need for that.). With a regular/old thermometer you simply need to hold it against the cup until you have the desired temperature, with the digital one you will need to play around a bit. I would keep it below 104 F/39.5 C!

Fake Fever symptoms

Parents or whoever they are a bit more difficult to convince? Take a look at the symptoms to fake a fever more like a pro.

How to Fake a Fever symptoms

Step by step explaining all of the symptoms!

Fake Sweating

It is quite simple, just run around the house or where ever you are, if you don’t want anyone to notice you are running around just tighten you muscles with small breaks in between until you start sweating a bit. Don’t do it too much and remember to breathe normally, otherwise your face will turn read and you will sweat way too much. If this is too much work just use some warm water to make fake sweat.

Fake Shivers

To make yourself shiver shouldn’t be too difficult either. No one really notices that someone is shivering unless they are sitting but naked on a block of ice. You should be able to create some fake shivers just by tightening your arm muscles very hard for some time. If you cant do that there is not much else to do but to get some ice and hide it under you clothes.

Fake Pain / Fake Headache

Fake having pain when you move your head or stand up, even when you turn around in bed. Always remember to make no sudden moves because it will make you head hurt. If you make one by accident tighten the muscles in your face and don’t make a move for a few seconds. That should make you look like you really have a headache.

Fake a Fever Temperature

To fake fever temperature on a thermometer is a bit more tricky, especially if someone might be there to bust you doing something weird with the thermometer. Easiest way to fake a fever on the thermometer is to make sure you have something hot close to you. Simply hold the thermometer close to the object and look at the temperature. Never let it get too high because u might break the thermometer or overdo it. If you are worried of getting busted doing that then make yourself some tea as described in the opening paragraph of how to fake a fever. Hold the thermometer against you tea or close to it to get the desired temperature.

Faking a Muscle Ache

Thiswill be the easiest part. You will only have to fake having pain when you lift something heavy of do something that requires some muscle power. You should still be able to do everything, just have to complain that your muscles hurt while doing it. Don’t forget that all your muscles hurt!

Fake Loss of Appetite

Even easier, faking loss of appetite. Don’t eat too much, always question yourself if you really want to eat something when someone offers you to eat something. Reject food when they do so. You should sometimes try to eat some of the food but after a few bites say that you are not hungry.

Because weakness, chills and loss of appetite are symptoms of dehydration we wont have to fake much more to get this one. Most important is to drink a lot, and that’s about it! More information on fake being dehydrated!

General Weakness

Should be already accomplished with the above symptoms. Just fake being lazy and always make a problem out of it if someone asks you to do something.

High Fake Fever symptoms

If you by accident or really decided to fake a high fever you will need to keep in mind that you might have the above symptoms as well…

  • Hallucinations
  • Confusion
  • Irritability
  • Convulsions

Fake a Fever tips, dos and don’t s

  • Don’t fake a high fever unless you really need to
  • Make sure no one sees you doing something weird with the thermometer
  • Make sure to prepare having a warm/hot forehead when telling someone you have a fever or grabbing for the thermometer
  • Simply staying in bed under a warm blanket will make you warm and make your forehead sweat as if you have a fever
  • Don’t fake a fever that too high or you will be taken to the doctor
  • Don’t smile too often
  • Drink as much tea as you can
  • Close your eyes every once and a while for period of time (~5 secs). Fever gives you pain in the eyes and closing them helps.

70 thoughts on “How to Fake a Fever

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  3. Shawta Scott

    Ifbyou put layers of xloths on and a blanket on you should have a feve in the.morning

      1. Kaitlin

        Ok so my temps tire was too high with the cup and the cup on my head so I put the cup on my head and my thermometer and slid them around and got 101.2 and I told my mom and she thought I was fine but then afterwards I got dizzy standing there talking to her and fell down๐Ÿ™Š so I stayed home

      2. NoName

        Im in an acting class and this really helps. This site is one of the reasons im the top of my class.

      3. Someone

        It worked!! I told my mom in the middle of the night that I threw up but was able to go to a bucket so she didn’t have to clean it up. Then I told my dad I had a fever even tho I didn’t even take my temp.

    1. Kaitlin

      Also tell your mom you don’t feel good the night before that way you being sick won’t come out of the blue and you should feel worse in the morning

    2. ๐ŸŒ

      I read the symptoms and then I felt my for head, got out a thermometer and it turns out I ACTUALLY have a fever. It’s my lucky day xD

  4. Boberony

    After i faked the fever i breathed really hard then blew really hard on my thumb so i collapsed so i decided to fake pass out then my parents were convinced that i was “sick”.

    1. FakeSick Post author

      Nicely done!

      You should actually pass out. Not very good for your brain cells. Wasn’t it possible to just fake collapsing?

  5. Carmen

    I just put my blanket over me and breathe a lot and that will make you hot and then you’ll have a fever

  6. nina

    im actully sick but my mom always tells me tht i neeed to go to school even though i have a sore throat and one side of my face hurts

    1. Jessica

      Tell the office at school that you don’t feel good, if you have a fever they will MAKE you go home. They don’t want other kids getting sick as well.

    1. Jack

      Just drink boiling water and then go get ur temp I fooled my nurse by doing that with100.4 fever two days no school

  7. me

    i hope this will work! because I feel so sick like really sick but my mam still wont believe me!

  8. The Almighty Space Bear

    If your parents take you to the doctor, the doctor isn’t allowed to say that you’re faking. Even so, they can tell your parents that you’re getting better, and you will probably have to go back to school. If you have a really awesome Doctor, they’ll probably play along if you tell them you had art class, a pep rally, or something fun like that.

  9. Sir Waffles The 3rd

    If you know what time your school starts and your parents tell you to go back to bed, wake up about an hour or two after school starts so you can’t go.

  10. Ms. DerpyPancake

    If you wear a bunch of really warm layers and you add a bunch of blankets when you sleep so its really warm, and if youre lucky you might wake up w/ a fever.

  11. HuhBruhh

    You may test out faking that your leg is broken. I got 2 days away from school! Basically say that you go outside play with frends. Then when you come home (15-60 minutes) Say that your leg hurts and move little bit hard. And in Staicase hold your leg straight. If your parent ask what happened. Lie. Say that you felt on your knees. Say loads of bad words like” F*ck my leg hurts” This may take time but will work. If they deciede to bring you to hospital, Dont worry in hospital they just say that ” Give the boy ache medicine” or they may take picture of your leg (They Take From Mine) If nurse touches your knee say ” Stop! THAT HURTS!!!” Just play like your leg is broke. ( You can actually broke it) I punched my knee with rock. It actualky hurts. DONT DO THAT

  12. Tally

    Im under a blanket now my mom goes to work at 7:30 and she wakes me up the i tell her my head or throat hurt and then i say i wanna throw up and befor school eat sum then drink juice run to the bathroom and throw it i works every day for me

  13. Madi baca

    I’m gonna try it does electric blanket work at lik H or do I need more blankets??

  14. Tyler

    My parents are so strict that the only way I can stay home is if I’m so sick that I need to go to the doctor. Help me!

  15. Mellisa

    The thermometer trick isn’t working and my mom just asked me to take my temp. I’m hiding in the bathroom but if the temp dosn’t work I won’t get a day off and I didn’t do my homework.

    1. Jack

      U have to get a glass of boiling water so hot ur tongue burns then swallow go get it temp and the boom 100.5 temp

  16. anonymous

    i was already sick the day before but felt better the next day and this totaly worked

  17. leo

    I just told my mom I had a headache and she let me stay at home
    Maybe its because I have been studying for a long time last night

  18. Maddie

    I’m definitely going to try this but not tomorrow because I have babysitting class that I don’t want to miss and staying under a couple blankets helps a lot that’s what I’m doing now cause I really am freezing and not faking to miss school

  19. Don't lemme roast you

    I used to throw up so much (fake) that I got prescribed daily medication that I have to take… be careful not to abuse your power!!!

  20. Abby is not faking sick

    You shouldn’t fake illness. School is very important to life. Remember if you miss school the you have to do double the work. I’m actually sick and my parents care that I get an education. I’m not trying to offend anyone but if you stay home sick get prepared for a lot of work

    1. Kendall Medina

      98% of thee things you learn are not helpful in your daily life only when your young like early elementary school thatโ€™s when itโ€™s important.

    2. Vivien

      half of these people are genuinely sick but their parents won’t let them stay home. like mine. school is pretty much useless anyways unless you’re going into a highly specified job where you use crazy algebraic functions on a daily basis.

  21. Hi

    If u are actually sick u shouldn’t go to school. U can make up the work, that 1 day of school is not more important than the health of the other students.

  22. Athena

    How do you fake a fever because i am actually sick i have been sinse sunday so i missed two days of school already and they say I can’t miss three days but I still feel horrible I have a actual horrible cough and I can’t breath out of my nose at all and it’s hard for me to breath I get hot from cold but I have a temperature but then u cool off but how can I fake a fever because we have the thermometer that you can just put on your head and it says your temperature so how would I fake it then because it doesn’t go under your toung it goes on your head instead because I do t feel good In real life but they said I have to because I don’t have a temperature but there going to take it in the morning if I have one like 101 or 102. Something I’ll stay home but how do I do that?

  23. Joe

    Ok gonna try but my mom is like a detective. She can sniff out AYNTHING. Might fake pink eye bye mixing red lip gloss with vassaline gel.

  24. Joe

    Gonna try but my mom is like a detective and sniffs stuff out. Might try faking pink eye by mixing red lip gloss and vassaline gel and applying to area below eye.

  25. Lily

    I got stung by a bee on Friday and am allergic. It is really late and I stayed home from school today. I have state testing and I really don’t want o do it so I am going to try this. I really didn’t feel good tonight and so my mom hopefully will fell bad for me and let me stay home tomorrow. I am going to try to stay up super late and get droopy eyes so that in try he morning i will fake being sick and will be able to stay home. Fell free to try this and I will tell you if it really worked,tomorrow. P.S. make sure to come check out my youtube channel e l at Who let the Slime out. It is a turquoise peice of slime swirled up.

  26. Forgetful Creator

    I ended up doing this today to fake a fever. I actually am sick, I just don’t have a fever. The tea cup was so hot that my thermometer kept saying HI instead of a temperature. I ran it along the rim. At first it came up 101, but I decided that was overkill. I ran it again and got 100. Staying home tomorrow. Also, if you want to sell the lie, put the tea in the fridge. It destroys the evidence of the cup’s heat.

  27. The Man

    At school right now. I will definitely try this when I get home tomorrow. hope it works!!

  28. I'm staying anonymus

    I actually have a cold/sinus infection right now, Not feeling well, just here to learn how to fake a fever, so I can stay home and get better instead of going to school with a headache and cough and having to constantly blow my nose all day, possibly annoying other students and passing it on to my friends.

    1. FlibberDoodles

      I’m actually sick too but my mom feels sorry for me and I got out of school early and I stayed home today because she felt sorry for me so yay. We also went to the doctor and she said I had a virus and it would take three to five days to recover. Hello break time!!

    2. FlibberDoodles

      I’m actually sick too but my mom feels sorry for me and I got out of school early and I stayed home today because she felt sorry for me so yay. We also went to the doctor and she said I had a virus and it would take three to five days to recover. Hello break time!!hehe

  29. danielle cohn junior3

    i actually have a cold. I did it once and it worked. I am going to do it again. dont try it tho. you might get caught. ok byeeee

  30. Kourtney

    I hope this works I already have strep throat but the doc said I needed to have a fever to NOT go to school


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