How to Fake Cry

By | August 14, 2013

Fake crying is best when you want to convince someone that your sad, sick or getting sick. Most of the time teachers/colleagues etc. will believe you’re sad or (getting) sick if you add a little fake cry session. Its actually quite easy to fake cry, some people will only have tot think off a sad (fictional) event and/or movie. Don’t worry if you can’t there are various options for you to choose from. Because we’re not all the same, it will take some of us a little time and practice before you will get an Oscar for your performance on fake crying. So my advice is, to first choose which method suits you best and to practice this in the mirror for your credibility, before you perform ‘on stage’.

Beware, only a fake tear won’t give you credibility, so you should also look sad. Perception is everything so if you look, act sad and are fake crying. People will probably believe you without a doubt (Of course this depends on your behavior, if your teacher/boss saw you laughing and socializing ten minutes ago in the hallway and later on you come with your sob story and crocodile tears then you probably wont have success). So be cautious of what you do in front of who. Better yet, be totally in the lie in case someone will bust you.

How to Fake Cry

How to Fake Cry

How to Fake Cry

Every one of us can be sad or become ill no matter what age, season or circumstances so most likely you already know how you should act like you are sad or ill. But I’ll still give you some tips. First read the symptoms for fake cry. Second choose your appropriate method. Third, practice your method in front of a mirror and last believe in your fake performance.

Fake cry symptoms:

  • Tearing eyes
  • Red eyes
  • Uncontrolled breathing
  • Person is mostly sad or quiet
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Runny nose

Different ways to fake cry

There are a few different methods which you can choose from to fake cry. I’ve divided them in three groups. The first method will teach you how you can fake cry with real tears. In this method you can choose from two variants; manipulating your emotions or your reflexes. The second method explains how you can fake cry using fake tears and the last method is about how to fake cry with special effects.

Its all about the credibility, so If you tell yourself you’re sad or (starting to get) ill and you start believing your pretty little lie, others will probably believe you (faster).

#1 Fake cry with natural tears

There are two types of natural tears you can trigger to fake cry. The first type you can trigger to fake cry is called psych tears. These tears are a response of emotions. For optimal credibility you will have to really empathize that you are sad. You can do so by using real sad memories (for example, a loved one that died or a bad childhood). This will probably help you to look sad and even spontaneously cry for real. But there are also some artificial ways to fake cry, or at least look sad. Imagine that something really awful would happen to the person you love most or a terrible drama you’ve seen in a film, some sad music can also help.

The second is called reflexive tears, the name already reveals why it is called like this. These natural tears are made as a response of irritation in your eyes. Everybody experienced these kind a tears in their life, think about dust, a finger, mascara/eye pencil in your eye, cutting onions or sniffing either menthol or peppermint oil.

-The easiest way is to keep your eyes open for a while, keep staring at a certain point. If your eyes start to burn, don’t blink, you are on the right track. You can top it off by staring at some bright light. This method needs some practice in order to optimize the fake natural tears.

– An other way is to rub some menthol product like Vicks Vaporub, Alcolado Glacial or peppermint oil under your eyes, you can also rub some on the inside of your nose, please note that it can burn or sting a little. U can use these kind of products to start the natural making of tears, which will lead to a little fake cry session.

– If you have the opportunity to cut a (white) onion, you can use this method. If you do so, make sure your sink faucet is off, and you breath only trough your nose while your mouth is shut. Otherwise the effect of the natural tears will be of less quality or it won’t have any effect at all.

#2 Fake cry with fake tears

An other way to fake cry is by using fake tears. This is the fastest method you can use. Just splash some water in your eyes en rub your eye. You can also buy some artificial (lubricant) eye drops in the drugstore. This is normally used as a relief for dry eyes, so just add a generous portion of the eye drops in your eyes and you’ll probably look like you cried. By squeezing your eye lids you are now fake crying.

#3 Fake cry with special effects

Some of the following examples to fake cry with special effects may cause (permanent) irritation or damage to your eyes and/or health. We are not responsible for damage.

– For the eye pencil * users, you can slightly rub a little product on the lid of your eye or slightly touch your eyeball with it (it may cause irritation, infection or permanent damage). I recommend a red eye pencil, then rub your eyes and it will look like you just cried. To increase the fake crying wipe your applied mascara with a little water (don’t exaggerate, except if your story/excuse is).

*If you use someone else’s make-up you can get bacteria infections, so be careful.

– An extreme effect to fake cry (it will probably sting like hell) is to touch the inside of a pepper and then touch your eyeball.

– You can try to sniff a little ammonic (CAUTION, it will hurt and is also very bad for your health. DO NOT SQUEEZE THE BOTTLE WHILE SNIFFING)

-Don’t forget that if your crying, your breathing gets a little off-road so gasp a little for air, once in a few seconds.

-You can also apologize for your crying, but do tell that you’re just so sad or ill (it will help to get some sympathy and credibility).

15 thoughts on “How to Fake Cry

  1. Mia

    Try and yawn and if you do it well you will begin to have tears .
    Rub your eyes and keep doing they’d two steps and it will work
    That is what I do and me mom beleves me

  2. lisa


  3. Eddy Chow

    wen trying 2 fake cry, dunt make the rookee mistak of simultaneousli rubbing both corners of ur eye wit balled up fists and sayin “WAAAH” i used to do that and i hav found ppl wil not tak u srsly bcuz they will jus think U R baby…

    1. Oliver Picckket

      Man, too bad you want to cyber bully someone and you can’t even spell stupid right. Good job man.

  4. Evey Christina Chayne

    LoL,I tried this and my classmates were so worried about it.So I told them it was just acting.So I got into Drama Club.Thanks for the Tip. (Even though I got into the school counselor)

  5. trevor

    when u read this, you expect it to work. WELL IT DIDNT!


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