How to Fake Faint

By | August 14, 2013

Real fainting is a sudden loss of consciousness and is most common for teenagers and people of older age. It is normal for people to at least faint once in their lifetime. So if you’re in one of these age ranges, you can use this how to fake sick method. My advice If you’re not a teenager is to only fake faint once a half year, otherwise they’ll think you suffer from anemia or worse. Teens can use it more often (but don’t exaggerate).

How to Fake Faint

How to Fake Faint

Fainting is a reaction in your body usually caused by low blood flow to your brain which is most likely a result of low blood pressure. If you want to learn how to fake faint its best to know about the little details like ‘what causes low blood pressure’, so you can use this as your alibi. In this post I’ll learn you how to do so. First of all it is important that you know the symptoms, if you want to preform your fake fainting session. Second, make sure you have a innocent alibi, else they send you to a doctor for medical research. Finally make sure you follow the basic steps on how to fake faint and don’t overdo it.

Fake faint symptoms

  • Dizziness
  • Your view gets a little blurry (temporary)
  • Temporary loss of hearing (as if someone is turning your volume to low)
  • Ringing ears
  • Feeling weak
  • Feeling hot
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration (make sure your standing before you fake faint)
  • Sweating
  • Falling
  • Fear
  • Hyperventilation can trigger you to faint, so if you really want to perform a “show” you can add this.

Don’t overdo the fake fainting by adding a headache, chest pain or shaking on the ground they will probably call a ambulance because its either looks like your having a heart attack, epilepsy or a head injury.

Fake faint alibis

An innocent kind of fainting is most likely caused by low blood pressure. There are several things that cause low blood pressure, just pick one out to use as a excuse why you just fainted. You’ll probably need a alibi if somebody talks to you after. If you are questioned about what happened, you can usually reply with: “I don’t know, i didn’t felt well ….(and mention two or three symptoms)”. Most likely they want to find out about the cause, so choose one of the following alibis (make sure your symptoms matches your alibi):

– I didn’t eat any breakfast today (or just a cookie at 07:30 am).

– I didn’t drink anything.

– I probably stood up too fast.

– I suddenly got very hot.

– I felt I cramped.

– I suddenly saw this big, fat bug coming towards me and i was so shocked/terrified/frightened. Next thing i know i was lying on the floor (Be creative why you got scared).

– I’m having my period

– I couldn’t breath, I didn’t not enough (fresh) air (hyperventilation)

– I got too excited to do/see/hear …. (maybe to do something at P.E./ see your crush/ or hear a bug in your ear)

– I’m under weight (don’t use this if your not!)

– I was kicked in the nuts (if someone helps you make sure to wear a protector)


Fake fainting the real deal

You can either fake faith while standing or sitting. For both be prepared to feel a little pain and/or get a little bruised. You can increase you credibility by making your face a little pale (using makeup or don’t use any at all that day).

If your standing, slowly close your eyes, relax your neck, followed the rest of your body (In order from top to bottom). For the great finally bend your knees and let yourself collapse on the floor. (make sure you don’t hit your head on something hard or sharp). ATTENTION; to protect your head and neck, make sure you “activate” your neck muscles at the very last second to prevent any injury. When your on the ground, relax all your muscles again.

If your sitting its basically the same, but make sure you fall sidewards else you could end up with a ugly bump on your head.

Open your eyes after five seconds and gaze a little blurry, don’t start talking immediately and don’t use the fake “Ohh my gosh… what happened???”.

Just go with the flow.. and if nobody asks, just pack your stuff and tell them your going home, cause your not feeling well. They’ll understand 😉

89 thoughts on “How to Fake Faint

  1. Taylor

    Also when fake fainting walk slowly and seem a little light headed this will add to the affect as well as having some witnesses while you faint. Only stay on the ground for a FEW SECONDS or else somebody may call 911.

      1. Melanie

        Yeah but you can faint without it being serious enough to warrant an ER visit. If you’re dumb enough to “pass out” for more than 30 seconds you deserve to get caught.

    1. Abby

      I’ve fake fainted before and I have a sleep over soon so I will again. The first one I did it I had a small headache ( it isn’t uncommon for me to get headaches) I also stumbled once or twice grabbing my friends arm or anything to keep me from ‘falling’ about a minute before I ‘fainted’ my friend asked me if I was ok. All I respond with was ‘I guess, I am just a bit dizzy and my vision goes from clear to blurry’ she then put her hand up for us to get drinks. (She thought that way I wouldn’t pass out) we were at the water bubblers and no one else was around. She asked me a question and I heard her perfectly but Instead I responded with ‘pardon’ and squinted my eyes and looked to the left of where she actually was. Then I Said to her ‘I feel like…’ than I ‘fainted’ she went to get a teacher from a classroom near by. Meanwhile. I sat up and put my head in between my knees. The teacher came over and asked if I was ok I just said I stumbled and he of course believed me as, well, my friend just said I had fallen. On the way back to class she asked if I was ok. I said I feel fine. She said ‘you don’t feel dizzy, light headed?’ I said slightly light headed but that’s all..why? You seem worried’ after that she said said no reason and we went back to class and to this day she is the only one that’s knows that if so ted during school. Evil…Maybe..

    2. Sophie

      I’m about to do this walking to the bathroom I’m my house after crying for hours over a break up. Hope this works.

  2. Caroline

    When you need to wake up flutter your eyes a bit not dramatically and then when you “wake up” don’t say anything

  3. sameera

    omg like i really wanna do this for tomorrow and also being on my periods has an advantage but i just wanna keep a straight face which is sooo hard. but imma try this tomorrow

    1. Claire

      I am too trying this.l really want attention.and l have not fainted before

    1. Yuhan Wang

      I showed my friends the hard trick but instead accully fainted FOR REAL thank god my friends reacted fast and caught me LOL

    2. Sakurai

      Haha! I am an 8th grader too and I really want to fake a faint to get out of lessons, but I’m scared to see if they know if I’m faking it ;×;

  4. Nobody knows my name

    Hahahahaha I just tried this on my mom it worked so well LOLOLOL!!!! Now I’m stuck in bed surfing twitter. WTH.

  5. annie

    ok so i just read that and i am going to do it at my friends place and its gonna so awesome….. i think?

  6. Violet powerson

    I am a professional fake fainter, even though I’m only fourteen years of age. I have fainting in my garde six French class to get out of a test. My excuse then was I got too worked up about the stupid test.
    The other time was when I was thirteen and I fainted in football (American) practice. The coaches thought I didn’t get enough air to the brain.
    Here’s my wise advice:
    – When you’re in the moment, you won’t smile because you’re worried you might be caught.
    – Just fall. Relax completely but make sure you only TAP your head on the ground, not fully hit it.
    – don’t wake up until at least 30 seconds. Most real fainters stay unconscious for 2 to 5 minutes.
    – Lastly, look like you actually woke up from sleeping. Oh, speak quietly and slower.

    1. Moonbeam

      Only stay on the floor for a few seconds because I actually fainted whilst I was doing this bike safety course and I was only out for around 10 seconds.

  7. Lucie

    I do have a few tips as i really FAINTED once before. U heard that right!
    -When u are on the floorr,try to stay for 1 min. But if your parents are panic types,dont do that.
    -When u get up,try groaning.
    -Panic alittle.
    Thats all,although i still have lots of tips

  8. BleedinOut

    So I have found that if you practice this enough,it hurts less when you fall on the ground. Also don’t try this around people who really do love you because it WILL really worry them. Classmates work best,but not with teachers around,unless you’re trying to get out of school. Then make sure either your friends are around or a teacher as they care more than your average classmate. Try to,if you can, do this outside as it hurts less to fall on the dirt or grass. Also I had a question: I have extremely low blood sugar,but I’m not diabetic and I have never once fainted for real. Is there anyway I can make myself faint for real,using the fact that I have low blood sugar?

    1. Don't fight me

      Why you could do is sit down and hyperventilate for a good 30-35 seconds. Since you have low blood pressure already this may work well. After that stand up really quick and hold your breath. I tried this method in choir today and it totally worked!

  9. fat Amy

    try to get your blood pressure out of wack too! by either getting it too high (lots of sugar) or too low (hardly any food or drink at all) that way you have some evidence if it comes to that

  10. Hailey

    I have fake fainted many times in my life i am only 11 and i have fake fainted 8 times before. I have a lot of experience sense i have fainted for real one time before. If you have fainted one time before you fake faint your parent,friends,and classmates will more likely believe you. I have a few tips for you #1. don’t eat all day,and if someone offers you food or drink(even water) say no so you will have a reason for ether being dehydrated,or have low blood sugar.#2. Be sick and token to the doctor for something that you can fake(just say you have a really bad headache and its hard to breath and say that snot is coming up from your chest)(that will make the doctor think you have upper respiratory infection). And you should faint after 24 hours of the medicine they give you i do this all the time and the medicine does not effect your health. I have many more tips and if you want to hear more(if you have a kik) text me at hailey101345 and i will answer any question or i if you want more tips you may text me there to i wish good luck to you all.

  11. kiki

    i want to fake sick cause i really hate homework so i need your help and i will agree

  12. Eddy Chow

    i have fake fainted manny tiems maybee a hundred time in the past one tims i fainted so good that my lil bro thouht that I wuz ded an he cry, i have a tip 4 pro if u fake faint mak sur 2 turn ur palms outward wit at lest 1 on ur fourhead and shout “OOOO DEEEEEEEEEERRR~!”

    1. Gerard Way is my daddy

      *gramatically correct version if you can’t understand him*
      I have fake fainted so many times, maybe a hundred times in the past. One time I fainted so well my little brother thought I was dead and he cried. I have a tip for you: if you fake faint make sure you turn your palms outwards with at least one on your forehead and shout “Oh dear!”

      it’s not even good advice…

  13. Cara

    Be careful who you’re around. I actually have a disorder called IOH (Idiopathic Orthodtatic Hypotension) and I’ve fainted over 300 times. I’ve gone to the emergency room several times as well. My point is, if you are around trained professionals, they might do a sternum rub (they press their fingers hard on the middle of your chest), or other tests for pain tolerance. I don’t “wake up” due to these since I actually do faint, but I always end up with some sort of bruise and pain in that area. I can only imagine how it must feel in the moment. Just be careful and prepared for that type of thing.

  14. rowan

    To the people recommending staying unconscious for a couple minutes: No. If you just faint, you will be out for max 1 minute. If a person is out for longer than a minute then it is usually accompanied by cramping, in that case it is a seizure. I had a seizure lately, cramped on the floor for about 2 minutes (according to what I was told), then was simply unconscious for about a minute (basically asleep), then I woke up and in less than 5 minutes there were ambulance people around me. Don’t fake being unconscious for more than a minute.

  15. no

    this is the most retarded thread i’ve ever seen. someone take these kids off the internet.

    1. you make me sick

      I KNOW RIGHT. sick people who want attention.

    2. kirikou

      not all of us are smart with perfect grades so we need these important life skills for our survival through school/jail

  16. Excuse me

    I’m sorry did we ask what you thought? I don’t remember – maybe I fainted! Can someone get me some ice? And while you’re at it, get some ice for this burn.

      1. kirikou

        Also i fainted ifront of this dude and he tried to give me mouth to mouth

          1. Lol

            Same!!!😂 Gonna try this at a friend sleep over!!

  17. Panda

    I have actually fainted for real when I was on holiday I woke up and my earring stud was physically STUCK IN MY EAR lol I passed out on the floor not sure how long but when I woke up I was in bed with my mum and sisters around me. Mum has to trick me to let her push out the stud it hurt so bad I fainted again 😀 lol so I didn’t pass out coz blood pressure or anything just injury thing so maybe try that pass out coz of injury 😀

  18. you make me sick

    what the heck? why are you teaching people how to fake faint? why on earth would anyone need this information. aren’t you ashamed that you will worry your loved ones? i mean how selfish is this of you people.

    1. Really ??

      Look, some of us have things we could do this for. For example I have school immunizations (injections) tomorrow and I’m going to use this before school. I’m terrified of needles so I hope it works.

  19. Maturity

    This is fucked up yall. I get true seizures and it pisses me off that people would fake something like fainting or seizures for attention or to get out of school or homework. Own up if you forgot to do something, lying about injuries or sickness isn’t funny, and to people who truly suffer from fainting episodes thats rude and offensive. Grow the fuck up and learn how to work hard.

    1. Melanie

      My brothers both get constant strep throat infections and my older brother had to get his tonsils removed for it. My little brother has had four last year and might get them out too. I don’t bitch when people want to fake those conditions. Fainting is usually not serious and most people will experience them at least once. How about YOU leave other people alone with what they want to do and stop getting offended over literallly everything?

    2. Eevee

      you need to learn that there are gonna be people that do this stuff instead of owning up. and you can’t do sh*t bout it. they don’t think it’s funny, they just don’t know how to say they f*cked up.

  20. xXGirlyGamerXx

    My best friend dared me to do it in front of my boyfriend and guess what happened! She started taunting me and she got me so nervous that just as I was going to pretend to faint, I really fainted. The head called 911 and the nurse believed me while my boyfriend was crying in the waiting room thinking I was dead.
    Woah, if this ever happens to you, get your boyfriend a box of chocolates for him. He deserves it.

  21. Another Kid On This Thread

    So I’ve fainted maybe around 4-5 times before, I’m minorly hypoglycemic, but I’ve always been out for about 20 minutes? I’ve had moments where I’ve passed out for a few seconds while still standing, but I’m really concerned about that “minute maximum” thing. I certainly wasn’t experiencing anything close to a seizure.

  22. syaz

    Ayeeh guyz! I am only 9.. So yeah.. Respect me.. Cuz i have low blood sugar… I am frm California.. Who else is frm california? I have done this like 5 times.. I fainted for real 2 times! I cant believe it! So byeee!

    1. Just some random kid whom is a furry.

      It bothers me how kids even bother going on here (ok fine im 12 but I was curious) and taking these things seriously. About two years ago I was sitting downstairs on skype with some friends before I heard a thud and looked up to see my mom on the floor bleeding from her chin. I nearly screamed I was so panicked. Please don’t fake faint in any place cause you never know who is and who isn’t near. People WILL call paramedics if they take the faint seriously and be fined if they were called for nonporpose.

      1. Melanie

        If someone is dumb enough to call the hospital for fainting that’s their own fault. Fainting is usually not serious. I get that that must have been a scary experience but it’s not your business what others do.

    2. sYaZ

      Who gave this fucking retard a cell phone like what the fuck are you DOING here

  23. *awesomecherry37*

    I have only fainted once and that was when I was in a pool and someone feel onto me. I passed out for about 30-35 seconds. Didn’t seem that long but when I woke up my friends had lifted me out of the pool and taken me into my room where they dried me and that . I guess the point of this is… Don’t ever fake faint. Also I know I just said not to but I’ve had headaches and symptoms of passing out and a friends party coming up soon. I’m going to fake faint by getting up to go somewhere then then boom collapsing to the ground,

    1. Guess who

      Omg I got jumped on in the head in a pool and I didn’t faint which was surprising

  24. Dani

    I am in this military JROTC thing and another way you could actually faint believeably is locking your knees it gives you less blood flow to the brain and I actually fainted at a air show when I was a basoc

  25. Amirah

    Yo, guys, I seriously tried locking my knees. Guess what? It didn’t work! That’s why I never listen to you retards!

    1. aMiRAh

      Yo, guys, I seriously tried reading this fucktard’s comment with a strait face. Guess what? It didn’t work! You’ve gotta do something else too, like hyperventilating, to faint. Locking your knees just speeds it up.

  26. Awesome23

    OMG I’m goin’ to try this in my boring science class just to see the reaction !!
    I’ve only fainted like 3 times but it might be fun to try to fake it

  27. QuackQuack

    Get dehydrated and ask someone to blow dry your hair the air on your face will make you faint it happened to me but it’s not faked

    1. No one loves me.

      I go everyday at school with no food. (I just forget food and my parents refuse to bring it for me) a few days before the end of term I passed out as I didn’t eat or drink anything. I did t eat dinner the night before, didn’t eat breakfast, didn’t eat morning tea or lunch and he. I fainted…. TIPS
      -Stay out for no more than 30 seconds (30 being Max amount of time)
      – if you want to say something before you pass out say something like ‘I think I or I feel like or I’m just going to but don’t finish the sentence.
      – when you ‘wake up’ don’t say anything right away.

  28. ChatNoir

    I’m 15 but never fainted. Why does it say teenagers faint a lot? Also, fainting is so dramatic, isn’t it? You fall limply to the ground and everyone rushes to your aid. Maybe I’m over romanticizing it, but movies make it look cool. Especially when it’s a beautiful heroine, overcome with grief or shock, and her handsome leading man gallantly catches her (sigh). So dreamy! If only I had a leading man waiting to catch me if I fall!

  29. SickFool

    Another reason for fainting is intense pain, as someone who suffers from chronic pain I faint a lot. I get really faint if I take my pain meds without eating beforehand so you could say you took some Advil for a headache but didn’t have time between classes to eat with it. I get the shakes in my arms before I fall and tend to drop anything I’m holding.

  30. Random

    I’m gonna try this in my health class tmrw and try to do it near my crush! I hope he catches me… 😉

  31. Rize Kamishrio

    I am a professional fake fainter even though I am only 10 ( ten ) years of age. I can collapse at will too. I will guide you in how to fake faint without anyone suspecting that you are faking.
    1. When someone lifts your arm up just let your arm fall limp on to the ground when they let go of your arm.
    2. When you fall to the ground do not break your fall with your legs , or arms.
    3. Only stay in the ground for 20 ( twenty ) seconds or less , unless you want EMT ( emergency services ) called.
    4. When you wake up from your fainting spell don’t say anything just kind of groan. Then say after a few minutes ( mins ) say what happened. Because people who faint are often very confused , and weak when they wake up. Also get up slowly.

    I can also tell you how to faint. : Hold your breath, Hyperventilate for 30 ( thirty ) to 60 ( sixty ) seconds. Then get up quickly , and run around or spin in circles. , or you can also put your head between your knees standing up. Then stand up completely and blow on your thumb without letting air out until you faint.
    I have used these methods frequently, and they work for me. Do not do this more than once every year if you don’t want to go to the doctor , and make people think you are diabetic, or think you have anemia ,or anyone other medical problem.
    I’m conclusion that is how you fake faint , or just faint.

  32. isabella fellows

    here’s a bit of advice
    1:if you are usually really fast at doing something go at a slower pace
    2:fall how your body wants to fall if i try this my body will usually fall in the recovery position for some weird reason
    or something similar to that position
    3:unless you want to actually faint only lightly hyperventilate and definitely don’t make eye contact with anyone while your hyperventilating
    4:reasearch symptoms of fainting and have an alibi for fainting
    5:don’t do it front of people that really care about you and if you do have them in on it however if you do actually faint there is nothing you can do about it

    hope my advice helps you x


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