How to Fake Nausea

By | February 17, 2013

Feeling nausea should be very easy to achieve, especially if you have some acting skills. There are no real symptoms for nausea except for feeling sick, looking pale, being dizzy, sweating forehead and almost always it ends up in you vomiting, depending of course what the real reason is that you are feeling nauseous. Only severe nausea will make you vomit, so do not vomit unless you really have to! But I recon you are not here to induce vomiting so read on! We have an article to induce vomiting if you feel that’s a better way to go!

How to Fake Nausea

How to Fake Nausea

How to Fake Nausea

It all comes down to you feeling bad and eventually vomiting, if you are reading this article to know more about another sickness and this is one of the symptoms then be careful in how far you should go in faking nausea.

If you really want to do this then you should either eat something or drink something to actually become nauseous. For instance drinking too much milk will eventually make you vomit. But before you go ahead and do that make sure you don’t eat or drink way too much. You should not go for that method and if you do decide to do that then remember that you have been warned and we are not responsible for any of the consequences. If you want to do it without consequences to you health then keep on reading. For people who have motion sickness you do not even have to fake anything. You could watch a 3d movie or just turn around in circles until you are nauseous and dizzy. Don’t fall though!

To make this a bit easier and faster for you we’ll just make a list of things to do:

  1. Looking pale
  2. Being dizzy
  3. Sweating forehead
  4. Vomiting
  5. Diarrhea (when you have food poisoning)

Looking pale

Can be easily achieved by using makeup. Be careful with making yourself look pale for the sweating part, do it wrong and you will get busted.

If you have no makeup or do not want to use it you could also use sunscreen, baby powder or any other that kind of thing. Make sure though that it does not have any smell to it! Make sure you are not allergic to the supplement!

You could also try to just cover your face, you must be sure though that you do not have to show your face to anyone. By the way if you stay in a dark room nobody can actually see that you look pale!

Being dizzy

Is simply not doing much, sit down instead of standing, go out to breathe fresh air if possible. Always look down and don’t make too many sudden movements. Maybe act as if you are going to fall. Drop yourself on the couch. But as to all of it don’t overdo it. Just act as if you are feeling a bit drunk :).

Sweating forehead

If a bit more difficult, you might try putting some water on your forehead (not too much though, there may not be any actual drops of water). Forehead is also one of the first things that starts to sweat when you do something physical. Try doing situps or something similar.


We won’t cover much of vomiting in this article since there are so many ways to do that and you probably wont have a need to go that far. You could just push your finger in your throat so that you will be force to make some real vomiting noise but try not to damage yourself doing that.

Having Diarrhea

Well you shouldn’t have to do this just for feeling nauseous but for this article maybe just saying that you also feel like having diarrhea is more than enough. You don’t even have to say that you have it or go to the toilet. Just say you can feel it!


If you are feeling like you should vomit you went a bit too far!

Good luck!

7 thoughts on “How to Fake Nausea

  1. Ryliegh Becker

    Hi i would love to comment on this website i would like to not vomit bit if i dont my dad wont be convinced. I need something that will make him belive. If you have any ideas reply to that address if not contact me anyways so i know you read this. Thank you

    Btw if you ever get to this and do respond i share this email with my friend so tell her to send this to Ryliegh Becker And again thank you for understanding

    1. eden

      eat some food while in your mouth drink water swish it around and pretend to vomit it looks exactly like sick 😀

    2. krimo

      eat 2 bananas and then drink sprite and you will vomit within a minute and it will be eazy and not painfull like a normall throwup srr for my grammar im from belgium

  2. lachie banks

    I do this all the time to get out of homework but I wake up dizzy and run into a wall or door to get to the bathroom so 80℅of the time, it works. if we have a math session then I need to go to school but I just surf the web and it brought me here. I’m “sick” today


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