How to Fake Sneeze

By | November 22, 2013

How to Fake Sneeze? A fake sneeze is one of the most well known strategies in trying to fake a cold. The fake sneeze is one of the easiest tactics anyone could use, and when you sneeze repeatedly or sneeze and have a runny eyes and watery eyes, people will think you’re sick. Since sneezing is a natural reaction, it can be triggered by giving the right stimulus. You may have to experiment some, as sneezing triggers are as individual as ticklish spots.

How to Fake Sneeze

How to Fake Sneeze

Sneezing is a reflexive reaction that eliminates mucus or other small blockages in the nose. Because your nose is the air filter for your body, sneezing happens when little particles irritate the nasal lining in the nose, causing a tickling feeling. People who have colds are very susceptible to sneezes, so a sneeze is perfect to fake being sick.

When a person has a head cold, the body works to expel the foreign, harmful bacteria by sneezing. It’s the nasal equivalent of vomiting.

Fake Sneeze Symptoms

Watery eyes (may be able to go under
Twitching nose
Dry nose
Itchy eyes
Puffy eyelids
Sore throat
Decreased sense of smell

Fake Sneeze Simulation

First, wiggle your nose to make the other people think something is annoying your nose. Make a soft sound, indicating your discomfort. Then start to blink quickly to bring attention to your face. Stare off in the distance and ignore any conversations and don’t answer any questions. Sniff, squint your eyes, and part your mouth, while simultaneously taking a deep breath. Squeeze your eyes closed and throw your head back, starting to say the first syllable “a” of achoo. Keep your eyes closed and bring your head down quickly, as if something had run across your feet. While doing this, loudly say the second syllable “choo.” Spit some moisture from your mouth and nose to make it look genuine. If you choose to cover your mouth and nose, spit the moisture into your hands and then wipe your hands on your pants to make it look real.

Slowly bring your head back to a normal position, sniff one time, and look around for a tissue. If you can’t find one, ask for one. And then blow and wipe around your nose. Hopefully, your eyes will have watered, making it even more dramatic.

How to Make Yourself Sneeze–Advanced

As mentioned above, everybody is different, and the basic approach to faking a sneeze might not actually work for you. So there are advanced tactics.

Tickle your nose. Push a point of a rolled up tissue into your nose and wiggle it around to irritate your nose into sneezing. Humming may help by creating extra vibrations.

Sniff ground cumin, pepper, or other seasonings before seeing someone.

Chew strong mint gum. The sudden amount of strong flavor can bring on a sneeze.

Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then slide it back until the rough part of the roof vanishes. With the edge of your tongue, flick the tip of the hard part. If you do this several times, then after a short while, you will sneeze.

Using water might sound nasty but get a glass of warm water and dip your nose in it slightly. Then tilt your head back, and you should go into a sneezing fit.

Pull a nose hair.

Eat an apple with a lot of salt and pepper on it, and you will sneeze about 4 times for 20 minutes.

Tilt your head back when you are about to sneeze, because sometimes it can stimulate it.

If no one’s looking, stick your pinkie finger far up into one of your nostrils and make it poke the inner lining until you sneeze.


Keep a tissue handy. Sick people are usually adamant about keeping tissue boxes near them or putting tissues in their pockets or purses.

Don’t just say achoo and close your eyes. The only one you would possibly fool is a child.

Cover your nose and mouth completely, because it will be less obvious you are pretending. Make sure to cover your face with your hands and not your sleeve, because it will muffle the sound better.


Over-sneezing can cause nosebleeds, headaches, or drowsiness.

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  1. cassandra

    i am appalled, i tried these tips and instructions to fool my boss i was half ill. unfortunately, they failed 🙁 and i had to do 3 hours overtime, feel the shame

  2. samantha

    shame here sister. similar situation. i also read the diarrhoea one and it made me look like a fool. i lost my job after that. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁


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