How to Fake the Flu

By | February 11, 2013

Fake the Flu, the perfect way to stay home/fake sick for a long time. Faking this will last around a whole week so you can skip work or school for quite some time. A whole exam week! Flu is also very common sickness so it will not be all that difficult and believable to fake.

How to Fake the Flu

How to Fake the Flu

Fake the Flu

Study the symptoms and do not forget them, make sure to let your parents know you have all of them. Don’t let your fake fever get too high otherwise they will take you to a doctor and you will get busted.

Tell your parents that you most likely got the flu from a friend of yours that was sick a week ago or so and that he is already better. If your parents want to bring you to the doctor tell them that you are feeling a bit better (unless its the first day you are sick of course) than the previous day and think its not needed.

Faking this sickness is perfect if one of you close friends or family members has already been sick (the flu) or still is. The only downside of that is that you might actually really catch the flu after you already had faked being sick. So be sure to keep yourself healthy when this is the case.

Fake Flu symptoms

  • Sneezing before you actually become ill.
  • Fever (around 101 degrees Fahrenheit/ 40 degrees C)
  • Muscle ache
  • Painful eyes
  • Weakness
  • Headache
  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Nasal discharge

Use the thermometer yourself and tell your parents every now and then how high your fever is. If you do that don’t forget to actually get the temperature to what you say it is. They might ask you to show it to them. Here is some more information on how to fake a fever!

The first few days the flu should get worse, then be stable for a day and start getting better afterwords.

Tips, dos and don’ts of fake flu

  • Make sure to make a mess of the house. Don’t clean after yourself, leave tissues and other kind of stuff that has to do with your sickness everywhere
  • Always be sleepy and very lazy, people with a flu don’t really do much
  • Ask you parents to make thee for you very often
  • What ever you are doing don’t do something even close to working when somebody is watching
  • Stay indoors
  • Flu is infectious so it’s more believable when you tell that also one of your friends or classmates/colleagues is sick
  • If somebody actually has the flu that you know, stay away from them otherwise you will get sick two times in row and that not that good
  • Make sure to prepare having a warm/hot forehead when telling someone you have a fever or grabbing for the thermometer

38 thoughts on “How to Fake the Flu

  1. Elise

    thanks because this morning my stomach hurt and my mom said i could stay hoe i did and then she wanted to take me back to school i started showing these symptoms and now she thinks i have the flu!!!!!!!!!!

  2. maria shushushnezk

    This was… helpful! Just one quetion… What do u do if yourmom makes you sit in front of her with no blanket or ″cover-up″when taking ur temperature. It ALWAYS comes out super low!

    1. admin Post author

      Maybe the easiest solutions for you would be faking another sickness that doesn’t include fever!

    2. Jessica S.

      If the thermometer goes in your mouth, suck on it. If it goes under your arm squeeze hard but don’t make it obvious. If it goes across your forehead or in your ear, when she gets it rub your forehead hard and fast. It should raise it up a few degrees.

    3. Jack

      Drink boiling hot water in a glass swallow the sit in front of her. It will go up to 100.5 make sure the hot water burns ur tongue

    4. Zoe

      put hot water in your mouth before she takes it. I did and it works. Just not a mouthful. And Super hot water.

      1. FakeSick Post author

        Sorry for the late reply!

        So you succeeded to stay home but do you really have to get a fever?
        Isn’t faking it going to work?

        If you already faked being nauseous you could still turn it to something like a food poisoning. Act as if you don’t want to eat anything and say that you stomach hurts.

        1. Keiron

          I just say that I have been sick because of a percific food in your dinner and no you don’t have to have the fever to do this but it would be better acting like you have a fever because it would mean you get more time off

    1. Kaitlyn

      I keep a can of soda most likely brown color soda and then at night I get a food something with crumbs like bread then eat the bread drink the soda looks like vomit works every time.

    2. Erin

      Maybe if you said you threw up in the toilet you could say that you flushed it already.

    3. Keiron

      Get a little of orange diloute and pour it in the pan and get a little bit of water then spit in it a few times then chew up the food that was on your plate for dinner and spit it in the pan just make shour you hide the plate in the fridge some where or you will get I’ll and after you done all that in the middle of the night start having and then try to make it sound like you been sick then tell your mam

    4. hi

      Say you flushed it down the toilet. If you have time, you could chew up bread and spit it in the toilet or a sink. Make sure it’s completely liquid. Chunks can make it more realistic but they’re not easy to do quickly.

  3. Chink eyed charlie

    Pulling an all-nighter will help you look sick, or stay up as possible. Also, it helps if you wait for one of your parents to come into your room and remind you to get up, and that’s when you tell them how sick you feel.

  4. Ashley

    If u don’t if you don’t want to pull an all nighter you can just go and sleep set ur alarm for a hour before u wake up and get eyeliner pencil from ur moms bathroom and get a piece and rub under eye

  5. Natalie

    If you have parents like mine who seriously go and laugh at your face and say your going to school these steps really do help get out of school just try and cough for a while late at night too

  6. foodisbae

    yusssssssssssssssss no school. my dad has the flu so i said i did too and proved it by showing these symptoms

  7. foodisbae

    yusssssssssssssssss no school. my dad has the flu so i said i did too and proved it by showing these symptoms

  8. MaisieA

    How do I fake a chesty cough? I’d really like to know as its Sunday and well I HATE MY SCHOOL please reply Thankyou! 🙂

    1. Kras

      Right what you have to do is but your hand over your mouth cuz the vibration of all the “caughing” will make it sound like a very bad cough x

  9. L.Hartfilia

    These are really helpful … If you know how to do all that stuff … I’m a airhead so I don’t know how to do that stuff … Please help me

    1. melanie

      Go to school, chew up something like bread or even goldfish and spit it into a garbage can. Leave a little on your lips for dramatic affect. The school will send you home.

      If you don’t want to do that, go to the bathroom and hold your face under the blow dryers if you have them. Or you could use hot water on your face. If they do a mouth thermometer, drink really hot water. Again, this is one of the things they have to send you home for.

  10. Medic girl

    I have a headach warm temreture and am quite swety , do I have the flu ? My cances are low but please answer so if I do have it I will not infect my besties.

  11. s

    bruh this better work i’m so stressed from school i just need a few days off or i’m finna off myself

  12. anna

    you can also mention that you don’t have any tests or assignments due that day so your parent will feel better about letting you skip


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